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I've seen a couple of reviews of Of One Mind come through, so I figured I'd make a post to collect them.

On the publisher's website, Kiernan Kelly says, "...Of One Mind is an absorbing tale of love that had me from the first page. Brooks drew me into this unique universe quickly, and kept me riveted until the end, and then wishing for more. The characters tugged at my heart, and stayed with me long after the story ended. Don't miss it!"

From Jimbo of Rainbow Reviews: "...I enjoyed this fantasy tale, and was quickly pulled in to the strange world these people live in. There is a loving familial content with Jereth's sister (sic), a strong secondary character, encouraging Jereth to accept Caris as his soul mate regardless of gender. To say more would be to give too much away. The familiar mix of those seeking love, but first having to face conflict and betrayal is given an original twist by the author that I found refreshing and very readable. (4/5 stars)" (NB: The character referred to as Jereth's sister is actually his best friend, but she does treat him in a very sisterly fashion, so some confusion is understandable.)
(added 9/8/10)

B.D. Whitney of BookWenches says, "...I found this premise to be quite attention-grabbing and satisfyingly romantic, and Ms. Brooks effectively brings it to life. When her heroes come together telepathically for the first time, the scene is very sweet and sexy. ...Its combination of romance and danger kept me involved throughout the story, and I enjoyed its futuristic, sci fi ambiance. (3.75 out of 5)"
(added 9/8/10)

On Goodreads, Serena Yates says, "...I thoroughly liked the exploration of this futuristic society and its workings through Jereth's and Caris's eyes. (4/5 stars)"

Jenre at Jessewave says, "One part of the book which I liked a great deal was in the futuristic world-building. I was impressed by all the incidental details we get of how society works now that everyone has the ability to read the thoughts of others... [A]n enjoyable read... in an interesting and intriguing setting. If you like SF and futuristic stories, and want to read a story which is well written... then I would recommend Of One Mind. (3.75/5 stars)"
(added 10/16/10)

Lisa at Joyfully Reviewed says, "Of One Mind is a complex, fascinating romance... the characters and their romance definitely tug at the reader’s heartstrings." (Rated 4/5 stars at Amazon.Com)
(added 11/4/10)

Elisa Rolle reviewed the story, though I can't really tell from the review whether she liked it. Possibly English is not her first language.
(added 11/24/10)
* Note: Elisa gave this 5/5 stars at Amazon.Com, so I guess she did like it!

Tam at Tam's Reads read "Of Sound Mind" first and listed it as a favorite. On this book, Tam says, "I loved Caris and I have a soft spot for the abused poor waif... I really enjoyed it."
(added 1/14/11)



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