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Of Sound Mind Reviewed!
I know, I'm way overdue on a status posting, and I promise to try to do that sometime this week, and let you know what's been going on.

But hey! Apparently it's time to start a reviews post for "Of Sound Mind"!

My first review comes from Donna at Dark Diva Reviews: "Elizabeth Brooks has written an intriguing story that shows how people can allow their fears to interfere with love and happiness... The concept of being telepathically linked to one’s mate is an interesting one and the understanding that fears can warp our perception of the world to the point that we lose sight of the most important things is quite valid." (3.5/5)

Tam at Tam's Reads says: "I really enjoyed this one. The biological/emotional imperative to bond with your mate vs the fear that if you do, you could be condemning them to an early death worked well for me." and "Going Home [another story in the charity collection] and Of Sound Mind were the two I connected with emotionally, maybe because they tackled more serious themes. " (added 9/23/10)

Kalyko at Black Raven Reviews: "I didn’t read the previous story, but I didn’t feel as though I was missing anything; but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be getting Of One Mind. I’m quite intrigued by this world where psychic ability is the norm and your match can be discovered through your profiles. Online dating without the online? Cool!" (3.5/5) (added 1/31/11)


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