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[Elizabeth L. Brooks] Fwd: Coming Together Soon!
I'm so behind on news!!!

(I apologize in advance if the formatting on this is horrid, but I can't log into my blog from the Day Job any more, and I always forget to do these from home. So I'm emailing this in, and that always results in peculiar formatting.)

My story, "Bleeding Red", was accepted into the Coming Together Among the Stars anthology, a sci-fi themed collection being edited by my beloved Lynn. I can't believe my story is going to be featured among so many other authors that I love! Look, just look at this Table of Contents!

Introduction, "The Thrust of Curiosity; a little science friction..." - Lynn Townsend

Rose Caraway - Duali-Teaze

Annabeth Leong - Repair Mission

Lynn Townsend - Situation Normal

ES Wynn - A Matter of Taste

TB Bond - Getting Even

TB Bond - Love in a Space Elevator

Elizabeth Black - Longing

Zee Giovanni - Forbidden Goods of the Galaxy

Nobilis Reed - Birth of a Monster Whisperer

Essemoh Teepee - Gyozo's Mate

George Box - Yvette

Jade Waters - The Joy Ride

Nickie Jamison - SETH

Elliot DeLocke - Sense-Think-Act

Delilah Night - Love is a Virus

VL Locey - Rose of High Barbary

Adrik Kemp - Of Gods and Men

Skilja Peregrinarius - A Fully Functional Lo^ghi

Kathleen Tudor - Navigator

Elizabeth L. Brooks - Bleeding Red

Malin James - The Power of Positive Thinking

I don't have a publication date yet, but Lynn thinks it will be by the end of the year, or very early next -- more info when I've got it!


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